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A recent story from New York shows why unmarried couples need to have good estate planning. The story below, from the October 25, 2016 issue of The Advocate, shows the problems that an individual is having after his partner’s death. Although gay marriage is now legal, which can help alleviate some of these problems, there are still numerous people, regardless of orientation, who live as partners without being legally married. Individuals in that situation need to make sure they have good estate plans in place, to protect their partners after death. Continue reading

The good news is the nation’s average lifespan keeps lengthening. The bad news: healthcare costs increase exponentially as we get older. Many elderly and ill individuals require lengthy stays in nursing home facilities, which can cost over $75,000 per year. Medicare may cover some medical expenses but many people require Medicaid to pay for long-term care. The eligibility requirements are strict — you may need the help of a Medicaid lawyer in Louisville, KY to find out if you qualify. Continue reading

If you are young, in good health and have little assets, you may think creating an estate plan is a waste of time and money. But a will can be invaluable to younger families, middle-aged couples and wealthy young people, not just the elderly. Life is unpredictable — you have to be prepared for the worst. Contact a Louisville wills attorney to see if creating a will is optimal for your situation. Continue reading

You have proudly served your country. You’ve risked your life for the greater good of the nation. Now, the return to civilian life is challenging. Many veterans are disabled, face financial difficulties and are unaware of the vast benefits and assistance programs available to them and their families. Louisville veterans benefit attorneys can help you and your family obtain the benefits to which you are entitled. Continue reading

Unfortunately, bitter family feuds are often caused by disagreements over an inheritance, and a disgruntled family member may seek to contest your will. You can, however, minimize the risk of this occurring.

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