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Preserving your property and assets for future generations

A will is often assumed to solely distribute a person’s assets, but wills can achieve more. Wills can be used to appoint guardians for your dependents, implement testamentary trusts and provide the peace of mind that your family and loved ones will continue to be protected long after you are unable to provide for them. You can also use a living will to create advance health care directives to instruct doctors and loved ones how to handle any health events that result in your incapacitation.

It is also a common misconception that a will is only necessary for the elderly. While they are most immediately in need of a will, younger families and middle-aged people could also benefit from creating a will at any time to prepare for an unexpected event. With offices in New Albany and Louisville, Brightwell Elder and Family  Law provides experienced legal guidance in Louisville wills and probate matters.

Why you need an experienced estate planning lawyer to draft your will

The best way to ensure your will is legally sound is to consult with a reliable wills lawyer in Louisville, New Albany, or Jeffersonville, such as Bruce Brightwell. Bruce helps clients properly account for the value of all property and assets in your estate and works with you to determine your objectives and the best ways to achieve them, through a will or combination of estate planning tools.

If, during probate, a person’s will is not found to be valid, that person has died intestate and the court decides how to distribute the estate. Usually this determination leaves property to the decedent’s spouse and children. If the decedent does not have a spouse or children, the court often bequeaths the property to parents, siblings, grandparents and children of the grandparents. In the event of no living relatives, the state assumes ownership of the property. Learn more about wills in Louisville by visiting the Legal Aid Network of Kentucky website.

Making changes to your will

You can and should amend your will to account for family and financial changes. Updating your will after a new marriage, a divorce or the birth or adoption of a child solidifies your wishes for the appropriate parties. Be sure to contact our Louisville estate planning law firm to confirm that your revisions are legally recognized.

Contact a lawyer focusing on wills and probate in Louisville, New Albany & Jeffersonville

To effectively create an estate plan with the utmost protection for your assets and heirs, call 812-542-0007 or contact Brightwell Elder and Family  Law online today. Our firm provides informed legal guidance and secures your fortune through comprehensive wills and estate plans in Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville & New Albany, IN.

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